Top 5 Decks For This Week — Sep 16th

Welcome to the weekly HypeHorizen Meta Report. Starting today, following Meta Reports will be in the format “Top 5 Decks For This Week” for better readability and a cleaner look. Let’s start!

1. XL Beast Hunter

With Hunter being the best deck in the meta so far, I’m presenting Thijs’ XL Beast Hunter. Peaked at Rank 8, this deck is fairly easy to play. You want to look for cheap minions like Irondeep Trogg or Batty Guest in your Mulligan, alongside Harpoon Gun and Azsharan Saber or Pet Collector.

Goal of the deck is to summon an expensive beast from your deck in the early turns, or just spam your opponent with board-sticking minions.

Okani and Samuro will help you keeping the board under your control, while Wing Commander Ichman will bring insane value for the mana cost in the late game. A 5/4, two Mountain Bears and a King Krush are not funny for your enemy and hard to remove, too!

2. Imp Curse Warlock

Imp Curse Warlock is a deck I have showcased and guided through last time, this time this deck has a slight difference. Now this deck includes Shady Bartender and Voidwalkers, to protect and deal huge burst damage with your imps early on. Against slower classes like Priest or Druid the Abyssal Curses will perfectly do the job. Just multiply them with Brann, Tamsin and Lady Darkvein!

For the Mulligan, make sure to keep Vile Library, Flustered Librarian, Wicked Shipment, Flame Imp and Fiendish Circle.

3. XL Thief Priest

For the first time ever, with the help of Identity Theft, Thief Priest is now a viable archetype. Created by glory and peaked by Bunnyhoppor, this might be one of the funniest decks to play right now. Goal of the deck is to win your opponent with. their own cards, while keeping the board under your control or empty at all. Reduce copied cards with Mysterious Visitor, and then steal the original copy with Harvester of Envy. (Disclaimer: Vistor does NOT reduce cards stolen by Theotar, and Harvester of Envy steals any card, whereever it is. Equipped Weapons, played Locations, Secrets and even Quests!).

Keep Cathedral, Burgle Cards and sometimes Shadow Word: Ruin, if playing against Miracle/Naga Priest.

4. Aggro Druid

Aggro Druid is one of the fastest decks nowadays and can win you tons of games within minutes! The deck is quite easy to pilot and is a very good deck for new, but also advanced players to achieve great results! Keep Beaming Sidekick, Peasant, Herald of Nature and Nature Spells. Sometimes Squirrel.

5. Ramp Druid

Usually I wouldn’t put the same class twice, but Druid is the third best class in the game and has (still) a high winrate. This deck just requires you to ramp once-twice and you already have an incredible advantage! Oracle of Elune and Naga Giant usually end the game for most of your opponents.

Mulligan: Druid of the Reefs, Jerry Rig Carpenter, Wild Growth, Seedsman.

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Hope you enjoyed, see you next week!

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