Top 5 Decks Of This Week — Sep 25th

Welcome to the weekly HypeHorizen Meta Report! The 5 Best decks just for YOU! Today, video edition and (mostly) team member appreciation!

1. XL Beast Hunter

XL Beast Hunter remains the absolute best deck after almost two weeks! Let’s see, how this deck will perform after the Mini-Set launch “Maw and Disorder”!

Ecore did an insane job with the following video. Make sure to show some love! Uhm, likes.

2. XL Shaman

Shaman, a class that might not see that much play right now, performs very well against most of the Meta Decks.

Meati’s recent video showcases the full power of that deck.

Mulligan: Schooling, Clownfish, Sleet, Bolner, Cavern, Location, and Gnoll on coin.

3. Imp Curse Warlock

This deck is on our Meta Reports for eternities now! There’s tons of good videos out there, the best are from Ecore (again 🙂 ) and me!

4. Aggro Druid

Ecore is doing the BEST content/deck guides out there. Guess whose video is coming now? Right!

In that video, Ecore explains how to play this deck, so make sure to check out the legend plays!

5. Demon Hunter?

There is A LOT of working Demon Hunter Archetypes out there, and in the following video, DracoCatt is summing them up!

All deck codes can be found in the video description! BTW, Draco is missing a bunch of subscribers to the 500! If you haven’t yet, subscribe!

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