Tournament Season is Heating Up!

Our TFT division concluded their “First Friday Frenzy,” tournament a few days ago. It was a resounding success, thanks to Fornari. Resident TFT Hype expert RazmaGaming did a great job casting, and I heard nothing but good things coming from the participants. With that resounding success, the future is bright for our TFT tournaments. Organizer, Fornari, had this to say “I’m very happy with last week’s First Friday Frenzy, especially since it was the first one under HypeHorizen. I’m also excited for what the future holds for the tournament series, including possibly more frequent and bigger tournaments. However, right now we’re working on ironing out all the kinks to make this series the best it can be for everyone. I hope to see y’all next month and show off a few surprises that I have up my sleeve.” If you’re at all into TFT, you should definitely check these out.

The next iteration of our Thursday Night Throwdown Hearthstone tournament is ready for registrants. It will be held on February 25th, at 8:30pm EST. Some updated rules are in place, including deck submission up until the tournament start time. 8pm EST is the check-in time, so make sure you aren’t scrambling at the last minute! Please follow the link at the bottom to get registered. This will again be a Standard tournament. We are looking forward to another 64 players fight for a coveted top 4 spot. We have some plans for the future of TNT, so make sure you get involved in as many of them as you can! I’ve also heard some Wild rumours around. Stay active in the HypeHorizen Discord in order to get all the current news and announcements.


After months of radio silence, Blizzard has finally given us a schedule for the Masters Tour Qualifiers! People have been anxious to get into tournament mode for months now. I’ve seen a lot of other tournaments cropping up to fill in that gap. The community really knows how to rally around one another. Since the Master’s Tours are all online now, Blizz has decided to name their tours after cities in WarCraft.

The first such tournament is known as Masters Tour Ironforge. The tournament itself will be held the weekend of March 12-14th. There are multiple ways to qualify. If you placed top 32 in the Ranked ladder in January, you’re already in! Otherwise, you can compete to win one of the 120 MTQs between now and February 28th. There is a link below with more information.

Contact SkaJohnny#6890

As you can see, there’s tons to do for the Hearthstone competitive community. Follow the links below for more information. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or find me on HypeHorizen Discord.

Thursday Night Throwdown Information

Thursday Night Throwdown V Registration

Masters Tour Information

Blizzard Masters Tour Info

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