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A few days ago, a new deck appeared on ladder, a 40-Cards version of Control Warrior, sometimes also called Tech Warrior. Prior versions of this deck were not running Prince Renathal, by the end of the day it turned out that those 5 extra HPs are game-changing for this deck, especially when fighting Scythe Demon Hunters or Miracle Rogues

The newest version takes advantage of lots of card draw like Conqueror’s Banner and two copies of Forged in Flame, alongside Outrider’s Axe. With Sir Finley you get to swap a terrible hand to find essential board clears in given situations. You might be surprised why there’s no From the Depths, but Finley. The reason is, FtD is too slow in the current meta, as you are skipping the turn you play it, and there’s no real pay-off. FtD will see play again, once the meta slows down a bit (Aleco Gereco on upcoming nerfs) and if Warrior’s Colossal Nellie gets un-nerfed again. 

In return, this Warrior List runs Goldshire Gnoll, mainly for getting +10 Armor off Igneous Lavagorger, while it may be played for 1 or 2 mana crystals to clear something. 

To make up for the “Tech” in “Tech Warrior”, two copies of Disruptive Spellbreaker are included in the list, as they might discard an important spell like Tamsin’s Phylactery or Frostwyrm’s Fury, as well as Theothar to steal win conditions like Astalor, the Firebringer

This deck’s win condition is to outvalue your opponent in aspect of health and resources (your enemy won’t win with an empty deck, board and you being at 60 HP), while it also has burst damage like Astalor Bloodsworn and Captain Galvangar. Rokara, the Valorous is the key card to winning, as you get an infinite source of damage and armor. 

Depending on your opponent’s class, the mulligan varies a little. 

Against Rogue: You want to look for Shield Shatter, Frozen Buckler, Weapon’s Expert, and Conqueror’s Banner. Keep Brawl

Against Demon Hunter: You want to look for Far Watch Post, Any Armor, Disruptive Spellbreaker

In general: Outrider’s Axe, Armor, Board Clear. 

The deck requires critical thinking to evaluate when to take risks and where not to. Legend Guide here

Enjoy! Stay Hype!

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