Welcome ClarkHELLSCREAM to HypeHorizen

Clark has been a part of HypeHorizen from its start. He has worked his way up through the ranks in our HypeRizing stream team and also has become an accomplished Hearthstone player. We’re hyped to finally promote Clark to the HypeHorizen team!

What is the best part about streaming?

The community. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for people within the Hearthstone community giving me advice, encouraging me, and training with me.

How does being a streamer inspire you to do good?

It inspires me that I can make a difference. In the past, I have done charity streams and events. They are a ton of fun to put together, and can make an impact in someone’s life. If I wasn’t a streamer, I would have never put together events like these, so I am thankful for the opportunities I get to create.

What games are you streaming? What do you enjoy about them?

I mainly stream Hearthstone, but I plan to stream a bit more variety in the future. I enjoy Hearthstone because it has given me the chance to fulfill my dream of being a content creator, while also giving me a chance to fulfill my esports dreams. Other games I want to stream in the future are Kingdom Hearts II, Mario 64, Smash Bros, perferally Melee, and Overwatch 2 when it releases.

Who is your “Arch Nemesis?”

I pride myself on not making enemies within the Hearthstone scene. However, if I am forced to choose, I would have to pick Ike HS. Back in 2018, I ended his undefeatable record in Dreamhack tournament set wins, and he still hasn’t forgiven me for it to this day. We joke about it a lot, but I’m sure he still hears, “My jaws that bite, my claws that catch” in his nightmares…

Do you have a sidekick? If so, whom?

Honestly can’t say I have one. Taking application nows.

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