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Please welcome, Hearthstone content creator, caster, innkeeper and coach, Falilar. As a member of the 2018 Israeli HGG Team and participant in the Masters Tour Bucharest/Arlington we’re proud to announce that Falular has joined the team.

How did you first learn of HypeHorizen?

I’ve been seeing the team all over Twitter for a couple months now, especially via streamers/friends that I’ve been following/engaging with for years now.

What platform do you stream on and why?

I stream on Twitch because that’s where Hearthstone live content is consumed/broadcasted at the highest volume. Given that, I haven’t streamed in a while now,

How did you get into gaming?

I’ve been gaming since I can just about remember myself. I fell inlove with it as 6 year old after my aunt got me “Seven Kingdom II: The Frythan Wars” for my bday. From that point onwards I knew strategy games were my jam & the road was short to titles such as Heroes of Might & Magic III & Warcraft III that in turn got me hooked into the fantasy universe I’m still an avid fan of today.

Do you have a gaming idol, someone in Esports or gaming you look up to?

I have many people that inspire me to reach higher & do better – from content creators (like Belullar, Rarran & others), to great competitive champions that motivate me to get better at the games I play (Nohandsgamer or Habugabu currently). The list is dynamic & many names keep coming in & out and any given time.

What is the best part about streaming?

Sharing my passion with others.

How does being a streamer inspire you to do good?

Having any sort of online presence inspires me to help shape the community I’m a part of to be more inclusive & open minded. I also seek to educate & get people enthusiastic about fantastic aspects of the games they love that they might be unaware or under appreciative of.

What games are you streaming? What do you enjoy about them?

I mostly deal with Hearthstone, but I aspire to create content about anything relating to the Warcraft franchise. I also wanna tie my content into the metaverse, aka, discuss how these titles that fascinate me help shape & merge different mediums.

Who is your β€œArch Nemesis?”

Online? Man I’m not sure I really have one, not even as a joke πŸ˜› I guess that one particular bully from middle-school is a guy I still resent. Does that count? XD

Do you have a sidekick? If so, whom?

I have many “guys” for many different jobs πŸ˜‰

Got an arena guy, a constructed guy, a competitive guy, a production guy – if I wanna start a project in any direction, I have someone I trust to man that position. & if I don’t, I’m not shy when it comes to finding new ones (*it’s not gender dependant, just using “guy” as a slang term).

My sidekick ingame right now might be CrazyMage, a friend I compete & ladder with. Together we made it to the quarter finals of the MAX nations league S2 (still ongoing) & qualified him to MT1 via ladder finish.

My other 2 sidekicks will be my GF (supporting me through everything I do) & my best friend who’s a production guy helping me set up my home studio.


The founder and CEO of HypeHorizen.

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