Welcome MaritimeMax to HypeHorizen

Please welcome MaritimeMax to the HypeHorizen Hearthstone Battleground team.

How did you first learn of HypeHorizen?

Heartkween. I’m a regular in her chat.

What platform do you stream on and why?

Twitch. It’s where I started, why switch?

How did you get into gaming?

I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember. It all started with my uncle’s NES.

Do you have a gaming idol, someone in Esports or gaming you look up to?

Slysssa started it for me, but now that I know more people, basically any female gamers. I never knew there were so many!

What is the best part about streaming?

Meeting new people. Since I started streaming during Covid, when we were all stuck at home, streaming and chatting with new friends got me through it.

How does being a streamer inspire you to do good?

I try to be a positive space for people to come, hang out, and forget the troubles of the day.

What games are you streaming? What do you enjoy about them?

I stream Hearthstone Battlegrounds and World of Warcraft. I’ve been play Warcraft games since the beginning and love the lore.

Do you have a sidekick? If so, whom?

I have two! My stream cats, Melody and Sonny. They’re always hanging out in the stream and begging treats from viewers, judging my plays, or stealing the show.

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