Welcome Puffmattybear to HypeHorizen

Puffmattybear, damn near professional voice actor with a wit as sharp as a damn mosquitos probiscous, expect loud screams and dirty jokes. Deez noots jokes welcome and encouraged. We are hyped to announce Puffmattybear to HypeHorizen!

How did you first learn of HypeHorizen? 

Friends of mine were members, and if the homies are around, i’m jumpin in.

What platform do you stream on and why? 

Twitch, mainly because youtube or facebook havent realized what they are missing yet/arent paying me there lmao.

How did you get into gaming? 

Saw my father playing doom on the pc when i was like 3-4 and ran away crying because it was scary, been a gamer ever since

Do you have a gaming idol, someone in Esports or gaming you look up to? What is the best part about streaming?

The way they try to frame esports to be the same as high intensity physical sports is kind of laughable, if theres any gaming idols though id have to say sp4zie or Lt. Eddy have to be up there for comedic reasons.

What is the best part about streaming?

Has to be telling stories about my life to people, from nearly dying 3 times on a trip to florida, to watching a guy get ridden like a tobagan down bar steps from when i was a bouncer, or my cousin licking bird poop for 15 bucks and a pack of pokemon cards.

How does being a streamer inspire you to do good? 

i know how much i felt left out of a lot of things and how it pushed me to comedy to seek attention as a kid, if nothing else i want to have a place of banter and embracing eachother so we all feel safe to talk a little trash but also give eachother encouragement when we need it.

What games are you streaming? 

my most streamed game has to be hearthstone battlegrounds, but i am a variety streamer mainly because no one game can contain my attention for long, but top 3 are most likely BG’S, Pokemon, and apex? turn based games are classic and i need a shooter to play sometimes to work on my hand eye coordination.

Who is your “Arch Nemesis?”

Do you have a sidekick? If so, whom?

closest thing i have to a sidekick is my trusty editor des, hes a good kid and ill be darned if he doesnt make content creation immensely easier for me.


The founder and CEO of HypeHorizen.

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