We’re Hype! GKR Pro Battlegrounds

Starting this week, HypeHorizen will be playing in a multi-week Battlegrounds league known as GKR Pro Battlegrounds, along with other teams from different parts of the world. Instead of a set time for each tournament, both team hosts work together to come up with a time that works for everyone equally, which is a great show of teamwork amongst players.

This week, team HypeHorizen will be playing tonight: Tuesday, 5/24/2022, at 5:00 CT.

It is our first match and we are very excited to work together and help one another along the way.

Team HypeHorizen consists of five of us: IamInShayne being our team host, along with I, KaysaCat, KingTbell, MaritimeMax and Scully. All of us are very passionate about Battlegrounds and the time and practice we put in. We will play against different teams each time, and this week we will be playing against Team La Gran Sangre. There are other teams in the league that we will be playing against in the future, such as Bob’s League, Curt’s Crew and La Gran Sangre, all composed of other talented, motivated players who will be great competition and help us all have a fun experience.

GKR Pro Battlegrounds

Where to Watch

Tournaments will be able to be watched via live stream by some members of our team, along with other teams who choose to stream that day. Tonight at 5:00 CT, MaritimeMax will be streaming at www.twitch.tv/MaritimeMax. We plan on using our teamwork skills to help us all grow and be successful, by having voice calls/meetings via Discord to talk things out and give each other pointers and help before our matches. It can be nerve-wracking going into something new, but having a tight-knit team that offers support to one another when it’s needed adds a sense of unity and security that really makes a team feel whole. Wish us luck tonight and in the future, and I will be posting where the streams can be watched each week and who we will be up against, at www.twitter.com/kaysacat.

Stay hype!

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