What Decks Are Hot In Wild?

Article written by AZDesertSmurf.

Wild ranked is the red-headed step child of the Hearthstone community; many ‘professionals’ refuse to even play!  But, this format can be fun and is a great way to relive the old builds that are no longer available in standard. If you’re ready for a change then here are some popular builds that you will encounter in this format.

Here are 3 top decks that wild players will encounter:

1. Pirate Rogue

Pirate Rogue is one of the most popular decks currently seen in wild. This very aggro deck focuses on overwhelming slower decks (like the priest deck seen below) and lets you maintain board control while you take down your opponent.  There are a few variations on the deck (for example I encountered one deck that included a Shimmering Starfish to get around the reduced cost taunts from Dread Corsair) but generally speaking this deck is pretty predictable and comes down to who can wear down their opponent first.

For the Mulligan, you are preferably looking for 1-drops and the Swordfish, as it provides you with free 12 damage to the enemy’s face. If you don’t find it, tutor it with Cavern Shinyfinder. Alongside those, you want to get mana cheating cards like Frenzied Felwing and Parachute Brigand. Logically, don’t keep Patches the Pirate.

2.  Even Shaman

Even Shaman capitalizes on the 1 cost hero power that you get from Genn Greymane and floods the board with random totems which continuously reduces your Gigantotem for a large minion very early in game.  The 0 cost Totemic Might and Totemic Surge quickly build up the strength of your totems and force your opponent to deal with your board.  Finally, the legendary card The Stonewright permanently boosts your totems with additional attack which is difficult to combat if you’re playing a slower deck.

The Mulligan for this deck is almost self-explanatory. Keep 2-drops like Carving Chisel and Murkspark Eel to clear enemy minions, and summon as many Totems as Possible with your Hero Power. Later, you’ll need The Stonewright and the 0-cost Totem Buffs to finish off your opponent. In case the game should last longer, you have heavy artillery in form of Gigantotem and Thing from Below.

3.  Big Priest

Big Priest is another very popular deck (and my personal favorite) that you will see being played in wild.  The deck is pretty predictable like the Pirate Rogue and all comes down to getting a 3 cost Shadow Essence to start your attacks.

The most critical cards are Illuminate into a 3 cost Shadow Essence which puts you in a position to start building a board that both the Pirate Rogue and Even Shaman cannot manage. This deck is much slower than the other two decks but is exceptionally fun to play, especially when it works and you get the right cards. Sphere of Sapience is a welcome addition to help you avoid drawing your 3 minions and losing card playability.

For the Mulligan you’re looking for Illuminate, Sphere of Sapience and any board clear against aggro decks. Penance and Spirit Lash should do the job.

Thanks for reading and Stay Hype!

Article written by AZDesertSmurf, redacted & supplemented by Raindet.


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