Who’s the Loser Now?

It WAS him after all. The little pipsqueak made us all insane. Whether you were with him or against him, it shows how things can get under people’s skin. And after Blizzard had removed the Sorry emote, they put in a guy who’s opening line is “hey, loser!” What a bully.

He Can’t Hurt You Anymore

The new nerf announced by Blizzard has Pen Flinger not able to target players any longer. This is one of many suggested nerfs for the contraversial minion. It seems they have taken the bully by the horns and toned him down, so he can no longer do 3-8 damage a game in certain decks. He can still pick on & off your minions, though, so – watch out for that.

Unity, Precision, Perfection

There are few times when cards have such memorable quotes that they become a meme within themselves. Pen Flinger certainly hits that status. Many twitter, YouTube and other socials have memes and jokes ripped straight from the voice lines. I’m sure we will still see the pipsqueak in decks, albeit far less frequently. We will always remember his degrading voice discouraging us along the way.

Other Nerfs

A quick rundown of the other nerfs in the patch include:

  • Far Watch Post becomes more killable at 3 Health.
  • Mor’shan Watch Post also goes down in Health, to 4.
  • Deck of Lunacy becomes a little less crazy going up to 4 mana.
  • Jandice Barov also comes down a little later with her mana cost going up to 6.
  • Last but not least, Sword of the Fallen durability goes down to 2.



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