Your Week in Marvel Snap Vol. 2

What’s good everyone?! Your week in Snap is looking like some brand new OTA, an exciting new future roadmap, as well as the new card mirage let’s get right into it.

This week we got the new card mirage, a neat little two-drop that aids Dino and collector decks. You slap it down and get a copy of your opponent’s lowest-cost card plus two attacks. It might not seem like a lot but it comes up more than you think. In the few days since it dropped, I’ve lost to it more than a few times but have my version of the card up against their beefed-up one. Not a game-breaking card but it is a welcome addition to big hand decks and I love how it’s another straight-to-series 4 card. Overall a positive new card to the game. 

Next up I want to dig into this developer roadmap. First off, Second Dinner props to you all love to see this communication about issues the community is champing at the bit for. Communication is everything and when it comes to gaming I don’t think there can be too much.

week in marvel snap roadmap

There are a lot of things on the roadmap so we’re not going to break down all of it, but the things I want to get into are Coming Soon. 

The PC launch is probably at the top of the list for a lot of players including myself.  As someone who doesn’t feel like changing all my overlays to accommodate snap ( Btw) so, it almost feels like it’s too much to jump into. This looks to ease that for content folks as well as make it a ton better for the average player. 

Twitch drops look to aid content friends as well. Everyone loves getting free stuff and getting free stuff for watching your favorite streamer makes it a ton more fun. Curious as to what will be dropping.  I don’t assume it’ll be variants, if I had to hazard a guess I’d assume it would be gold or credits it could be Collectors tokens but I don’t think they want another avenue to give those away. 

Seasonal audio seems cool, everyone likes variation as long as you weren’t too attached to the current banger of a soundtrack. The new season new song sounds fun. 

Card upgrade improvements are always welcome in a game where I’m upgrading multiple cards ( or the same one over and over, give me my gold Chavez!) every day, streamlining this to save time is for sure a good change. Coming in our next patch we can choose how far we upgrade a card and only press the button once Instead of upgrading a card through every level. As well as the ability to use gold instead of credits to upgrade which is so dangerous for someone with little self-control. (@Me)

Last, we have polish on my new favorite mode conquest. For real I’ve been playing way too much conquest it’s wicked fun. Nothing too crazy but welcome changes nonetheless we have permanent muting for the match which is awesome hate the Ms. Marvel spammers. UI improvements and tap to skip animations. As well as they’re finally removing the CONQUEST INCOMPLETE screen which is amazing to see because as they said yes, we don’t need to see it twice. 

Alright, let’s move on to the OTA for the week because I’m super excited about it. 

week in marvel snap ota card balance updates

Shout out to marvel snap zone for the graphic. 

The changes this week are all pretty unexpected, I had seen some people talking about captain marvel previously and I am a little bummed about her losing power because I loved to play Marvel in my Shuri deck but with the Change, we have an interesting shift in play pattern. Instead of playing Marvel on turn 5 now you can play her on turn 4 or turn 3 with Zabu. I had started experimenting with pairing a turn 3 shuri with a turn 4 marvel but it doesn’t feel as impactful as it did prior. I think it will end up being played purely for stats now and way less for Shuri value. Very interested in how this one shakes out. 

Speaking of Shuri and the deck I was playing we have the replacement for captain marvel in vision. Vision was already played in Shuri decks but I think it’s way better now being able to move 16 power every turn is great. It was underperforming before and I don’t know if this is the change that will make that difference but it’s still a step in the right direction. 

Hawkeye now gets +3 power instead of +2 when you play a card in its lane the turn after it’s played. Good buff, don’t think the play rate will change. I think hulk buster and absorbing man are in this same boat good stat changes but I don’t think they will change the play rate. They’re both pretty niche cards and I think they’ll stay that way for the foreseeable future. 

Alright let’s breakdown this metagame 

The July 31st metagame it’s looking super fun, obviously I just covered the OTA so this stuff could change but all these decks are Wicked fun. A lot of this stuff has been where it’s at but we’re seeing a lot of changes in tier 1 stature decks and Sera decks are breaking in. If you know snap you know these decks won’t stay down. Stature decks did get that nerf a few months back but even that can’t keep them from performing turns out stats are good. The deck hasn’t changed in months and stats are stats you draw a card you play it cut and dry, plain and simple. 

Sera Surfer and Sera Control are consistent decks that are unchangeable and unable to be enchantressed unless you hit their Sera on T5. They have answers they play cards every turn nothing to dislike about these decks a lot of teachability as well you can shove a lot of different cards in both of these decks. If you’ve played snap in the past few months you’ve seen these running around. 

Thanos’s control is great to see because well I like Thanos. Thanos is good. Play Thanos. Not much to talk about here I told you all about this list a few weeks ago it’s mostly the same list lock your opponent get value off your stones do fun things and most importantly draw cards. Oh and snap on turn 1 mind stone.  

Looking to tier 2 we see a lot of the decks we’ve talked about the past few weeks. They’re not bad decks but metas go through cycles you counter a deck a new deck rises that Isn’t countered over and over. If you like high evo decks you can still find success with high evo decks. If you like Shuri you’ll be fine just dodge Shang. 

Alright, let’s avoid going long in the tooth here and get onto our favorite decks of the week.  of course, I’m pulling from @SnapDecks on Twitter ( Twitter ? X? Xwitter?)

First I want to shout out @SirKaptkerr for this sick Thanos galactus list.

week in marvel snap, kaptkerr

Of course, the ultimate deck to throw your opponent for a loop with. Most people might be expecting a Thanos destroy with most of the stuff in here but being able to drop the GMan on them after a time stone, Psylocke is super crazy. A good deck is good. 

Then of course I want I pull the deck with some OTA changes but as of 9 pm when I’m writing this not a great amount so I’m just going to grab @Safetyblade_HS ‘s Hawk Legion deck. 

Week in Marvel Snap, Can't stop the legion

It’s a standard Hawk Legion deck but with a new addition in one captain marvel. Love to see the card in a new deck in a new way hopefully getting some of that Zabu Value. 

Alright friends that’s it for Your Week in Snap. As always shout out to HypeHorizen for letting me make the content. You can check them out on all socials @HypeHorizen be sure to check out YouTube where if you’re reading this a video will be posted as well. We got Hearthstone Tournaments on two Thursdays a month for EU and NA. As well as our shop full of all the gamer merch you’d ever need. If you want to check out my stuff you can find me everywhere @Stayysuper.

 Anyway,  That’s it for me so I’ll catch you all in the next one. 

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